Professional Home Cleaning Before the Holidays

Professional Home Cleaning Before the Holidays

Have you considered the idea of professional home cleaning before the holidays? The grand cleaning used to take place before sunrise on “Ignazhden” or December 19th. Over time, this tradition may have lost its significance, but it has not affected our desire to prepare the home for this special occasion. Regardless of times and tastes, we all love to welcome the holidays in a clean and bright environment.

Perhaps a cleaning company is not the first thing that comes to mind before the holidays when we realize we need help to ensure everything is in order. Ideally, before we get overwhelmed or lose our pre-Christmas mood. Professional home cleaning is an easy and accessible way to quickly bring order and coziness to your home, leaving more time to focus on your loved ones.

And what actually holds us back? It often happens that we approach a topic or idea with prejudice without considering whether there is a logical explanation in them. Professional home cleaning is no exception, especially in the cold winter season and before Christmas. That’s why we decided to gather and review some of the most common myths and prejudices that have held us back in the past:

Is professional home cleaning in winter necessary if we’ve done autumn cleaning?

Autumn cleaning does help prepare our homes for the short winter days and long winter evenings that we often prefer to spend in the warmth of our homes. Especially in the current climate and conditions. When we spend more time indoors, we use all the spaces more frequently, and they inevitably get dirty faster. What’s left when we share a space with energetic children and pets craving our time and attention.

Do I need professional cleaning for sofas and mattresses?

We often avoid washing upholstery during the winter season because we worry about how long it will take for them to dry afterward. However, we forget that professional cleaning techniques minimize moisture, and any residual moisture evaporates quickly as the heating or air conditioning works in the room. The air indoors is drier in winter, meaning the drying time for carpets and sofas is reduced, and the air is refreshed.

Do I need to clean windows in winter?

Most of us clean windows 2-3 times a year and typically only when the weather is sunny. It is essential to maintain windows in winter, not only because of the moisture and dust that can penetrate the window frames but also because clean windows let in more light. In the evening, illuminated by candles and electric lights, they create a magical atmosphere and coziness at home. You can clean them yourself or rely on professionals.

Can’t my professional home cleaning wait until spring and spring cleaning?

Every home needs care and maintenance in every season, and winter is no exception. During this time, due to warm, dry air, more dust is retained indoors, and in the kitchen and bathroom, which are used more frequently, including by guests, moisture is retained, predisposing to mold and mildew development. Additionally, coming in and out brings a variety of dirt – rain, water, salt, mud, soot, and sand.

Why resort to the services of a cleaning company for professional home cleaning before the holidays?

In our daily lives, we are often forced to resort to complex strategies and tactics to check off all the tasks on the list. If you are too busy or want to focus on other activities, you can trust us with the cleaning. We will strive to provide quality professional home cleaning so that your home is ready for the holiday season, and you have more time for other Christmas preparations without feeling stressed and tired.If you want to contact us to transform your home and evoke the Christmas spirit at home with professional home cleaning, you can reach us at +359 879 888 175 / +359 879 888 174 or

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