Most Popular Types of Fabrics for Upholstery and How to Take Care of them

Most Popular Types of Fabrics for Upholstery and How to Take Care of them

At BgPrane, we know that creating the perfect home requires a lot of effort. And one of its essential elements is upholstered furniture. Furniture comes with various fabrics, and each fabric requires specific care.

To help you in this search, we have listed several different types of fabrics for upholstering furniture.

The most popular fabrics

You may have beautiful sofas, but the entire atmosphere can be ruined if the fabric is stained or uncomfortable. When deciding on which fabric to choose, consider the texture, style, comfort, and appearance. A very luxurious fabric that is difficult to maintain will provide you with a beautiful home for only a limited period.


If you want furniture with a luxurious and elegant look, then leather is the most suitable. It is the most widely used option, suitable for both kings, and will look and feel expensive. Additionally, high-quality leather will serve you for many years if you take good care of it.

The best thing about this material is that it does not absorb liquids and odors. Therefore, using it around children and pets will not be a problem. It will not smell like your pets, and it will not capture the smell of cigarette smoke.

The only drawback is that leather is prone to cracking and splitting. This is especially true for bonded leather, which can crack if it comes into contact with sharp objects.


• Resistant to chemicals that can damage furniture

• Does not absorb liquids

• Does not absorb unpleasant odors

• Suitable for prolonged use


• Can crack or split

• The most expensive type of fabric


Do you want to achieve a luxurious feel of the sofa in your living room without buying expensive fabric? Polyester will help you easily achieve this with its soft and comfortable texture. It can be used to cover chair and sofa cushions. It can also replace more delicate fabrics if you have children.

Polyester is extremely easy to clean – you can wash any stains from it. It also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry if you wash it often.

A big plus is that the fabric is breathable but does not absorb odors. This makes it ideal if you have pets at home. Even if the children throw crayons or markers on this fabric, both the color and the smell can be removed.

The only thing to watch out for is that this fabric is highly flammable. It is not recommended to smoke near it, as this carries a certain risk.


• Soft and comfortable fabric

• Dries very quickly

• Resistant to wear and stains

• Does not absorb odors


• Highly flammable


Silk is one of the most expensive and luxurious natural fabrics you can find on the market. It has been used for centuries in royal palaces and is part of our lives not only in the form of dresses but also in upholstery.

This is a delicate fabric that requires special care. Therefore, make sure not to use it roughly. If you have pets, you probably shouldn’t include this fabric as part of your furniture upholstery. It easily captures dirt and fur, and if you wash it too often, the sheen and color will be lost.

Also, always send your silk to professionals for cleaning. Do not try to wash it at home. As an alternative, you can often dust it to avoid getting dirty.


• Luxurious fabric used for formal decor

• Available in various patterns, colors, and designs

• Maintains its shape

• Very soft fabric


• Prone to fading

• Requires special care

• It Captures Stains


This is a more affordable alternative to silk that provides the same shiny feel. If you want something that mimics silk and gives your furniture a luxurious feel, then acetate is a good choice. It adds class and elegance to the living room, and your guests will appreciate it.

Acetate is resistant to moisture and protected from moths and mold. This is crucial as the fabric cannot be washed frequently; it can only be cleaned with special agents. Therefore, be very careful if you spill something on it. We wouldn’t recommend this fabric for homes with small children and pets.

It also scratches easily, which is a significant drawback. You’ll need to be cautious around it, making it most suitable for formal upholstery.


• Beautiful and luxurious material

• Resistant to moisture

• Very cost-effective

• Resistant to mold and moths


• Proneness to scratching


Next is one of the most popular fabrics found in almost every home. Cotton is an extremely durable fabric that can be easily dyed, offering a wide range of colors in the market. Due to this, you’ll find cotton upholstery in almost any color. Plus, you can dye it yourself at home!

Moreover, cotton comes in a wide price range. The cost depends on the thread count, providing options for everyone.

Additionally, cotton is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can be easily used for beds and sofas. The material is very breathable and soft, not irritating the skin at all. In fact, many people worldwide choose this material as their preferred choice for bed covers.

The only problem is that it stains easily.


• 100% natural fabric

• Soft and breathable

• Hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin

• Can be dyed in multiple colors


• Easily get stains


Wool is known as one of the most comfortable fabrics. It’s 100% natural and one of the softest and warmest options. Wool is widely used for upholstery in areas with cold climates and is specially designed for homes with luxurious interiors.

Wool is an excellent choice for your sofas and will make them look luxurious and plush. You’ll want to sink into these warm sofas after a long day of work. This material also has excellent insulation properties, keeping you warm in winter.

Not only that, wool is water and fire-resistant. If a small amount of water spills on it, you can quickly blot it up.

But be careful not to spill more liquid on your woolen sofa. Stains can be removed, but it will take time to dry due to the dense fabric. Moreover, it’s expensive and requires proper maintenance. It’s best to resort to professional cleaning in case of stains.


• Water and fire-resistant

• Eco-friendly and 100% natural fabric

• High insulation properties

• Resistant to mold and mildew


• Expensive fabric

In Conclusion

Consider the use of furniture before choosing the fabric. There are fabrics for rough and everyday use, but there are also fabrics for formal settings. Some may not be suitable for homes with pets or children. A fabric might be cheap, but the costs of cleaning stains can be extremely high.

Remember that whether it’s garden furniture or a luxurious interior, the furnishing should meet your needs well, and you shouldn’t constantly worry about it.

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