Professional disinfection against COVID-19 – 6 scenarios for the professionals.

Professional disinfection against COVID-19 – 6 scenarios for the professionals.

This year, we have added professional disinfection against COVID-19 to our portfolio of services, aiming to help as many individuals and companies as possible feel secure and protected against the coronavirus pandemic. While working from home may involve disinfecting commonly touched surfaces with alcohol, in some cases, it is more advantageous to rely on a professional cleaning and disinfection company. You might be wondering in which situations it is better to entrust things to the specialists.

As a precautionary measure – Coronavirus disinfection for your business

While some businesses can transition entirely to online work, others continue to operate in physical premises or offices and have direct contact with clients. In these cases, it is advisable to perform regular disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces and contact points. You can consult with a cleaning and disinfection company to collaboratively create a checklist for disinfecting the premises.

As a precautionary measure – Home disinfection

At home, it is often sufficient to use disinfectant alcohol. However, if you are expecting guests who fall into any of the high-risk groups for the holidays or if you are concerned about damaging soft furniture at home, you can request professional home disinfection. This is done using professional disinfection agents designed for various surfaces and is safe for both the family and pets.

In cases of doubt or confirmed cases – Coronavirus disinfection for your business.

One year later, after the initial cases, the risk of infection and the spread of the coronavirus remains a concern. A quick and proper response to physical contact with an infected or confirmed case, whether from a customer or an employee, is crucial. Professional disinfection of premises against COVID-19 can be key to controlling and limiting the virus.

In cases of doubt or confirmed cases – Disinfection of entrances and homes.

For milder cases of coronavirus that do not require hospitalization, the patient is quarantined at home. For home disinfection, it is important to disinfect all frequently used surfaces and common areas. When cleaning, use disposable gloves. Consider whether you need professional disinfection of the entrance and common spaces in the building, which could be potential carriers of infection.

After quarantine – Coronavirus disinfection for your business

Has the office been temporarily closed? Before reopening for your employees and clients, we strongly recommend contacting a cleaning and disinfection company to undertake professional disinfection against COVID-19 in the workplace. It is also important for the premises to be well-ventilated and cleaned. This will provide good working conditions for employees and enhance their trust and peace of mind in the workplace.

After quarantine – home disinfection

After recovering from coronavirus, you can hire a cleaning company to perform thorough cleaning and disinfection against COVID-19. They will take care to pay attention not only to frequently touched surfaces such as keys and locks but also to common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. It is also important to pay special attention to the bedroom. You can also include mattress and upholstery cleaning as part of the basic services.

These are some of the most common situations in which we believe it is more appropriate to turn to a professional cleaning and disinfection company. If we have missed any, we would be happy for you to share your personal experience and understand what steps you take to ensure complete COVID-19 disinfection at home or in the office. When scheduling a disinfection appointment, inform the team of the situation and make sure everyone is equipped with protective clothing.

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