How to clean your upholstered furniture from pet hair

How to clean your upholstered furniture from pet hair

At BgPrane, as pet owners, we are aware of what fur can do to your upholstered furniture. We love our furry friends, but fur itself is harder to love, especially when it’s everywhere and on everything we own, including (and mostly) the couch.

Cleaning your sofa of pet hair can seem like an overwhelming task and it certainly requires a lot of work. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive products that help protect your upholstered furniture from your pet’s fur.

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All cleaning and maintenance instructions will be listed on the sofa label. The couch hair removal techniques described in this article are safe for most types of furniture and fabrics, but it’s always recommended to check the label before attempting any cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner for deeper cleaning

The best way to remove pet hair from the sofa is also the simplest. Vacuuming will give you the greatest effect. The vacuum cleaner will pick up stray pet hair and remove dander and other pet dirt that causes allergies or leaves behind odors.

Clean your sofa regularly using the upholstery brush attachment. If your vacuum cleaner does not come with such an attachment, or if you have lost it, you can purchase inexpensive universal attachments online or at home improvement stores. Look for a kit that includes an upholstery brush as well as a crevice tool that can help with detail work, such as cleaning along sofa seams where hairs can get stuck.

Use hair removal tools

Small hair removal tools like rollers and furniture brushes are another important weapon in your hair-fighting arsenal. These tools can be used between vacuuming to keep the hair at bay.

Hair cleaning rollers

Traditional hair rollers are one option for cleaning pet hair. But for the furniture, do not use the standard roller, but choose a special roller. It will make the work faster and easier. Larger rollers are ideal for use on furniture as they can cover a larger area with each movement.

Another type of roller to look for is the large roller with an extendable handle. It can help with scrubbing large furniture. They are also great for removing hair from hard to reach places such as curtains.

Reusable brushes and rollers

Reusable furniture brushes and rollers are used in the same way as our familiar rollers. They sweep across the couch, picking up pet hair quickly and easily. Instead of sticky paper, they are made of microfiber material that attracts and traps hair. Reusable rolls are a more cost-effective solution than sticky rolls and create less waste.

Remove pet hair with everyday household items

Buying specialized pet hair removal tools is not necessary as some common household items will do the same job as rollers and furniture brushes.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to remove pet hair from couches and other soft furnishings is to put on a rubber household glove and simply run your hand over the surface. The rubber causes the fur to curl into a ball that can be collected and disposed of in the trash. Lightly wetting the mitt can help with this process, but be sure to check your sofa’s cleaning label to make sure the fabric can be wetted safely.

Likewise, a slightly damp dish sponge can be used in the same way as a rubber glove to pick up pet hair from the couch.

Remove hair from covers, pillows and blankets before washing

Before washing covers, pillows, blankets and other removable textiles, pay attention to accumulated pet hair. Use a roller, brush, glove or sponge to clean the fabric before throwing the furry items in the washing machine.

Laundry detergents

Laundry products can also help remove pet hair. Lint catchers for washing machines attract and hold the fur as it comes loose from the fabric, and are reusable, making them a budget-friendly and eco-friendly choice. Using laundry boosters such as white vinegar or fabric softener can also help remove fur from fabrics during washing.

Get your hairdressing tools

One of the best things you can do to keep your couch (at least a little) fur-free is to clean your pet regularly. Consult your veterinarian or groomer for recommendations on how often your pet’s fur should be brushed, washed, and handled at home and professionally.

Grooming gloves help reduce shedding by removing dead fur and straightening hair follicles to keep them longer. They can also be used as rubber gloves to remove pet hair from the couch. Simply run a clean grooming mitt over the upholstery so it can catch loose hairs and gather them easily.

In conclusion

If you have cats or dogs (or both!), we hope you have a leather couch. We all know that pet fur clings more tightly to fabric. Fortunately, these easy tricks will help you get rid of the hair. And a tip – static electricity and low humidity make the already annoying pet hair even more unpleasant. Try to reduce these two factors and fur will remain more friend than enemy.

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