How to protect your sofa from stains and dirt?

How to protect your sofa from stains and dirt?

At BgPrane, we know how important it is to protect your sofa from stains and dirt. This may be one of the most significant furniture investments you will make. Being a place where your friends and family gather, it’s almost inevitable that a spill will happen at some point. And if you have kids or a pet, the chance of an ugly stain on your couch just doubled.

This doesn’t mean you have to wrap your beautiful couch in plastic, keep your pets outside, or stop inviting guests. There are several things you can do to protect your sofa and keep its upholstery stain-free.

A few tips

Choose the damask that suits you

Let’s face it, having a white linen couch is a bit much if you have kids or even grandkids dropping by from time to time. Dirty hands and a lack of coordination mean that lovely white fabric is at high risk of contamination.

Consider fabrics with a higher man-made fiber content when looking for durability and stain resistance. Synthetic fibers do not hold stains as strongly as natural fibers and are more durable. This is great for sofa owners as it means they are less likely to retain the stain.

Think leather

Although leather is beautiful, it requires a lot of care. You should consider whether it is a practical choice for your family. Avoid objects or substances that can cause scratches. You might also think about that moment where the skin stretches on the most common seating positions. If you stick to the natural beauty of the skin, you will need to maintain it monthly with a protective cream to keep it in excellent condition.

Use an anti-stain product

Whether you choose fabric or leather, using a stain product is one of the best ways to protect your sofa from stains.

It’s a good idea to treat your sofa with a stain protectant before they appear. This will make it easier to remove the stain when it occurs.

Change your habits

We’re not suggesting you become a cleanliness freak, but change some of your bad habits at home. This can help you avoid spots. Consider avoiding food and drink while on the couch. It sounds like a lot, but these are the two most common causes of blemishes.

And bonus – studies show that those who eat at the table tend to consume healthier meals in smaller quantities! If eating on the sofa during movie night is part of your family ritual, consider placing a small or movable table in front of the sofa instead

Be careful while cleaning

Don’t leave cleaning random stains to the end of the evening. Take care of them as quickly as possible before they have a chance to penetrate the fabric.

Carefully remove any liquid or food that has stuck to the surface of the fabric. Some experts offer the following tips to get rid of stains:

For non-oil based stains: mix some soap and apply to the stain. Then gently rub in the solution (without rubbing) and dry with a clean cloth.

Apply lukewarm water to the area and gently pat dry. Blow dry the area from the center of the stain outwards to prevent a larger stain from forming.

For oil-based stains: follow the same steps above and apply to the solvent base, cleaning completely, not just a spot.

To minimize the need for professional cleaning, choose the right fabric, apply the stains and stop eating on the sofa!

Clean your furniture monthly with an upholstery attachment and blot the stains instead of scrubbing them aggressively.

Just remember to be realistic about who will use your furniture and how.

Seek professional advice on the best sofa cover for your household.

Vacuum cleaning

Use the upholstery attachments on your vacuum cleaner to periodically clean the surface of the furniture.

The same layer of dust on the coffee table that is cleaned every week is also found on your couch. It’s invisible and builds up every week, grinds down from sitting on it, and the oils and moisture from your skin directly cause your sofa to get dirty and age.

Get beautiful furniture covers

We don’t mean throw a few old sheets over your furniture and be done. We mean soft, stylish and colorful protective covers that are placed over the furniture.

Best of all, they are easy to put on and take off from the upholstery. They are also durable and machine washable for maximum convenience.

Another convenience is that they come with elastic around the edges to help keep the cover in place. So the cases will no longer have to be turned from the photo

Don’t forget the pillows

Flip and rotate pillows regularly to reduce soiling and extend the life of the upholstery. You may want to consider applying a preservative to the damask, depending on its material, to extend its life.

Your preparations matter, especially depending on the type of fabric

Determining the type of weave is essential in order to successfully clean the fabric. Find the cleaning code on the furniture entitlement label. If you are in doubt about your choice of detergent, clean an inconspicuous area beforehand. This way you will find the right method and preparations for cleaning places. This will ensure that silk, chenille, wool and linen are treated differently.

In conclusion

When it comes to protecting furniture, the measures you can take to keep it in the best possible condition are no different than the measures you take to protect clothing or other fabric items. Dirt and dust naturally accumulate over time, and accidental stains are all too common. That’s why it’s always wise to have a proactive mindset to prevent things from getting serious before a disaster strikes.

Sometimes, however, even all the preparation in the world isn’t enough and reactive measures are all you have left. In any case, there are many ways to keep your fabric furniture in pristine condition.

Why choose professional upholstery cleaning by BgPrane?

At BgPrane, we rely on well-established traditions in the cleaning of upholstered furniture and innovations. Behind our motto “Live cleanly” we unite the wishes of our customers with our abilities and professionalism to achieve an impeccable result in the field of our work.


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