Carpet cleaning with organic surfactants

Carpet cleaning with organic surfactants

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Carpet cleaning with organic surfactants

Dry cleaning with organic surfactants is an innovative technology that allows faster and deeper cleaning of the carpets.

Proper carpet maintenance not only extends the lifespan of this investment but also helps maintain a good level of appearance and comfort in the working environment. Millions of euros are spent on buildings and interior design to uphold a company’s image, and poorly maintained carpets can negatively impact on that image, reduce product efficiency, and accelerate the need for replacement. Carpet maintenance through dry cleaning with an organic surfactants involves more than just choosing suitable cleaning methods. The selection of appropriate products concerning construction, design, and color significantly contributes to long-term effectiveness and appearance.

Determining Your Specific Needs.

As different areas are used to varying degrees, each requires the corresponding level of maintenance and care. For instance, high-traffic areas such as entry lobbies and corridors require effective daily cleaning. The organization of the building, its usage, traffic patterns, usage hours, etc., all need consideration when developing a maintenance program, and we can provide detailed advice on established methods and maintenance solutions. Proper carpet cleaning with an organic surfactant process should encompass preventive, routine, interim, and periodic maintenance processes.

We have machines for dry carpet cleaning with organic surfactants (dry extraction) from one of the leading companies in this industry, the American company “Host”. The machine works with surfactants, moistened with a cleaning and scented solution, sucking and cleaning with brushes rotating horizontally, performing what is called pile lifting. Our clients are satisfied and loyal, and we also use this technology in our office. We can clean during non-working hours to avoid disruptions.

Other advantages of dry cleaning include:

Immediate use of the floor (no waiting for drying)

No risk of odors

No risk of delamination or water penetration to the subfloor

Preserves the carpet structure

Organic surfactants are scented

Pile lifting prevents the carpet from matting

No residual moisture that could harm office equipment, documents, and furniture.


Cleaning once a year for the entire area (normally used areas) and once every 3 or 6 months for the most heavily trafficked areas such as lobbies, walkways, and kitchens, is the recommended recommendation from “Interface” (a leading carpet manufacturer).

Pile Lifting Cleaning Method:

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